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  • Custom procedure development
  • Stand-alone procedures software
  • Onsite instructor based LOTO training
  • Arc Flash 70E training
  • Written LOTO programs
  • Hazard assessments
  • OSHA required annual program audits
  • Energy control program gap analysis
  • Free Phone based program consultation

​​​​Need Assistance?  Our highly experienced staff can provide fee based onsite consultation, LOTO program implementation, procedure development and instructor based classroom training.

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JHA's - Hazard Assessments available on all sources with professional engineers

Comply with the strictest regulation in the nation - Cal OSHA, Title 8, Section 3314 & Fed OSHA 1910.147. 

Customize your procedures with your

logo and custom headers and footers.

Our software allows you to manage your entire program from any desktop.

Options - Create custom procedures your self or have them created for you



Companion iPad and iPhone Apps

Professional  trainers and engineers can come to your site to help with your program and train your staff

Lockout Tagout Programs

iLockItOut ® by SafetyNet ® is your one stop solution for your OSHA-compliant energy control Lockout Tagout program. We provide onsite professional services along with web based and mobile solutions to assess, develop and manage your entire Lockout Tagout program and train your staff.

iLockItOut ® and the SafetyNet Team can minimize the burden of creating OSHA required procedures, eliminate the risk of injury by training your staff on compliant ZERO energy lockout tagout procedures and give you the peace of mind of knowing you are protected from costly fines and violations.

​​Start creating custom designed, source specific procedures with less effort instantly.

Experience - Over 50 years of combined experience to serve you

Our professional team of engineers and trainers can help you create custom energy control procedures or you can choose to create them in-house with our user friendly, web based and mobile custom procedure creation software iLockItOut Pro ®.

Once your custom energy control procedures are created you can seamlessly sync and share them with your team via iPhone ® or Android ® and manage them in “Real Time” from your PC, MAC, or iPad. Tagout and Lockouts can be recorded wirelessly by your team members and centrally managed and scheduled remotely.   

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Written Policy - We provide written plan and program develop services.

iPad and iPhone & Android Sync options can make your program mobile. Workers have the option to go wireless in the field or just view procedures from their smart phones.

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